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Belly Dance Foundations


This multi-level class will teach you the foundation vocabulary and technique needed for any style of belly dance. Classes will focus on stretching, strengthening, isolating movement and improvisational play. Combinations, choreography and prop work may be introduced.  Perfect for all levels, with gentle guidance for those new to belly dance and challenging modifications for more advanced dancers.

Bellydance Fitness

All Levels

This is an exercise class. This class will work deep into your core abs and sculpt your thighs and butt.  Mat work, dance calisthenics and belly dance based muscle movements are drilled in a fast paced, exciting workout. Relaxing yoga stretches finish off this workout to restore balance and suppleness in those targeted muscles.  

Fusion Belly Dance

Beg, Int Levels

This innovative style of belly dance fuses raqs sharqi technique with western dance stylings creating a whole new look and feel to the dance.  Movement breakdowns emphasize isolation and control.  Classes will cover base technique while exploring gooey characterization and fun stylisation.

Middle Eastern Dance (Raqs Sharqi)

Levels I, II, III

This class combines old-world traditions and American Cabaret innovations with an emphasis on improvisation, musicality, expressive stylization, performance, and prop work.  Level I will breakdown foundation movements and introduce improvisation and choreography.  In Level II students will expand their movement catalogue, delve deeper into personal dance style, and play with layering.  Level III is for students who already have mastered the movement catalogue and want to perfect their layering techique and performance abilities.

Chakra Yoga Belly Dance


Awaken your inner spirit, explore your physical and energetic bodies and shimmy your way to a more balanced you in this special class developed by Lulu Levona.  This class combines yoga, dance and meditation to open the physical body, awaken energy centers and balance the spirit.

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Current Weekly Classes

Schedule Updated January 2020

Belly Dance Foundations

Wednesdays 7:30 pm / Cape Ann Center for Dance, Beverly MA 978-969-1235

Classes run Sept-June

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