BD Drills: Posture and Arms

There is so much muscle work that goes into just holding a good posture and frame while belly dancing. Beyond just the strength and flexibility needed to execute a particular move, you need the foundation to hold your body still and strong, to give your dance a look of grace and ease, and to protect your joints from injury.

So before you drill your hip bumps and figure 8s and shimmies, drill that posture!


Check out the positions below. Hold each position for as long as you can or for a particular count (8, 30, 60...) or, for a super challenge, hold it for the duration of a song. Pay attention to your muscle engagement and spinal alignment while you hold the poses as you may find you are slowly easing out of line.

Stay focused on how your body feels. Ask yourself:

Knees soft and bent?

Pelvis neutral and low back elongated?

Upper body lifted and radiating up and out?

Upper abs and mid back engaged to lift the ribs?

Chest open, shoulders back and down?

Arms and hands fully engaged, with soft lines?

Click here to refresh your posture cues.

Posture Positions

1 --> Basic Pose (feet flat and parallel)

1a - Arms framing hips

1b - Arms out to sides

1c - Arms over head

2 --> Classic Pose (knee up and in, on balls of foot, other foot flat)

2a - Barbie Arms (one arm up/one arm down) Right Side

2b - Barbie Arms (one arm up/one arm down) Left Side

2c- Arms over head Right Leg

2d- Arms over head Left Leg

3 --> Repeat Classic Pose with knee lifted in balance

3a - Barbie Arms (one arm up/one arm down) Right Side

3b - Barbie Arms (one arm up/one arm down) Left Side

3c- Arms over head Right Leg

3d- Arms over head Left Leg

4 --> Extended Leg Positions with opposite arm extension

4a - Right leg out to side, Right arm at chest

4b - Right leg front, Right arm up

4c - Right leg back, Right arm front

(Repeat other side)

5 --> Deep Knee Bends with Tribal 2nd Arms Variations

5a - Low Tribal 2nd (elbows down at waist)

5b - ATS Tribal 2nd (elbows back at shoulders)

Belly Dance Posture Drills I - Basic Pose

Belly Dance Posture Drills II - Classic Pose and Extended Leg

Belly Dance Posture Drills III - Bonus Movements and Tribal 2nd Arms

Share your progress with Lulu and other students! Post a comment below.

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