BD Assignment #6 - Practicing the Awkward

Six weeks into class and you've learned a lot of moves. You can slide, circle, lift, drop, shimmy and snake so many parts. You've learned foot patterns and arm positions. And you've played with putting it all together. You've listened to music and watched videos of other dancers. You know there is so much more to explore and learn and the excitement can be overwhelming. But this week, we take a pause. Let's go back and take the time to work out some kinks.

Let's practice the awkward!

For all of us, no matter our experience, there's at least one move we've learned that just isn't working. We feel awkward. It doesn't look right. It doesn't feel right. We feel like we'll never get it. But we will. IF we work it.

So let's work it!

Pick a move (or two) that needs some love. And drill, drill, drill.

Start slow. Break it down. Find your problem. Is it timing? Layering one or more concepts at a time? Tightness? Lack of strength? Balance? Not even sure what you are supposed to be doing? Figure out what you need to work on and then practice, practice, practice. Give yourself time and work it. Make it fun or make it serious. And do it.



Practice the movement as slow as you can and try to feel where your body is resisting. Breath into that spot or spots and push gently. Make sure you are warmed up before beginning. And drill the movement as often as you can. Overtime your body will start to loosen and the movement will become more fluid/bigger. Also consider: Yoga Breath Work Massage


Slow the movement down. Practice at the pace you CAN do. After a while speed it up a bit and practice that. Continue until you've got it.


Start with posture. Make sure you can hold the position before adding movement. Next breakdown the movements and practice each part until you feel confident. Then put them together.


As above, practice your posture and balance before adding movement. Try some yoga balancing postures. Or check out Lulu's posture drills.

Still not sure what you're doing- Ask! Post below or ask Lulu on Facebook.

Happy Drilling!

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