BD Assignment #7- Fluidity Meditation

Let's play with energy and fluidity! The following exercise will help you connect your movements together and build a sense of fluidity in your dance. Warm up by practicing your circles, figure 8s, undulations and other fluid movements, going slow and feeling through the muscle. Then see below to get started!

Set the Mood

Put on some slow, gooey music you like. Dim the lights, close the shades, close your eyes.

Build your Energy Ball

Rub your hands together until you feel the energy tingling between them. Pull your hands apart slowly and imagine you have created a ball of energy. Feel the warmth and tingling sensations of your energy ball. Visualize it's color and shape.

Connect Energy and Movement

Now imagine you take that ball of energy into your body. The energy ball ignites movement in your muscles. Visualize the ball rolling, tossing, sliding, shimmying it's way around your body as you dance. You can only move your body where the energy is. And you have to find ways to connect the body parts to send the energy around. EX: You cannot move your hips and then your chest without connecting first up through the abdomen. Have fun with it and take your time. Let your body create the dance from within, don't ask yourself, what move you can do, but rather how can I move my body from here. Let your body play with circular movements, swells, spirals, waves, lines, infinity loops, etc.

Explore More

SPEED: Once you get a hang of the basic exercise play around with speed, moving s l o w l y through the muscle groups or fast -boom! You can play with switching up the speed, holding the energy in one location and then releasing it out to another, etc.

VISUALS: You could imagine the energy as waves instead of a ball. Allow the energy to roll overor under your muscles and skin, like waves in the ocean. Or try other fluid ideas (serpents, sand, light, music waves...).

HEALING LIGHT: Once you have a feeling of fluidity inside, imagine sending rays of the energy outward as you dance. Visualize the ball as a sun, it rolls around you and as it does is grows in power and brilliance, soon it is radiating love and beauty outward, sending strength and power to those around you. You can imaging sending that energy to someone you miss (alive or not) and imagine that they are dancing with you. You can also imagine others sending you their energy and support. Visualize their energy, breath it in and see it intertwining with your energy, growing in strength and brilliance. Allow their love to course through you.


Share your experiences below to encourage your fellow dancers. :-)

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