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Yoga Strength

Sculpt your core, legs, buns and arms in this super fun class!  You'll won't look at yoga blankets the same way again!

Yin Yang Yoga

Balance your yin and yang energies in this class with a heat building flowing vinyasa followed by quiet deep stretches designed to open and heal the meridians.

Restorative Yoga

Tired?  Tense?  In need of some TLC?  This class combines guided meditation, sound healing and long supported restorative poses to release tension, align the spine, quiet the mind and open the heart.

Prenatal Yoga

For pregnant mamas who want to relieve aches and pains, strengthen for birth, connect with their babies and learn relaxation techniques for labor.  Appropriate for those new to yoga as well as seasoned yoginis!

Energetic Flow

Need to burn some tension off?  Want to energize the body and open the heart?  This class flows through detoxifying vinyasa sequences designed to ignite the 3rd chakra, build muscles and release stress!

Flow and Restore Yoga

Want the best of both worlds?  This class starts with a flowing sun salutations and standing poses to build strength and warm the body, then transitions into blissout restorative poses to realign the spine, quiet the mind and open the heart.

Gentle Yoga

Prefer a slower practice?  New to yoga?  Carrying around old injuries?  This class eases through gentle flow sequences, soft stretches and modified strengthening poses to help keep both body and spirit open and strong.  

Yoga for Dancers

Want to improve your dance?  Need to work out some old holding patterns?  This class will build stability, strength, agility and flexibility for better dance execution while deepening body awareness and emotional connection for better characterization.  Non-dancers welcome.

Meditation and Relaxation

Want to let go of old mental patterns and connect with your inner peace?  This class combines pranayama (breathwork), mantra, yoga nidra techniques and guided journeys to quiet the body and mind, bring stillness and guide you to your inner knowing.  

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Current Weekly Classes

Schedule Updated January 2020

Restorative & Sound Healing

Sun 5:30 pm / Sterling YMCA,

Beverly, MA 978-927-6855

Yoga Strength

Mon 9:35 am / Sterling YMCA,

Beverly, MA 978-927-6855

Healing Hatha Yoga (Gentle Yin/Yang)

Mon 7:00 pm / Sterling YMCA,

Beverly, MA 978-927-6855

No classes July-Aug

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